you matter. that’s the tweet.


You matter. That’s the tweet. That’s the feeling. That’s the golden rule. That’s the motto. That’s everything. You just as much as anyone else deserves everything good the world has to offer. No matter your past. Every day you wake up, you have a chance to become the person you deserve to be. So do it. The journey might be hard, might take time, might cause you to cry, might make you wanna scream your fucking head off. It might also be lonely, cold, might cause you to want to run but no, keep fighting. Keep fighting the negative thoughts in your head that tell you that you are not good enough.

Negative people don’t deserve your attention. Don’t let them into your peace. You are rare. Not one person on this planet can replace what you can bring to the table. Not one person can be you. Without you, the world is missing something and it won’t ever be at its full potential until you are at yours. Get to it. You deserve it because you matter. You deserve it because you are human and you make mistakes. You deserve it because you are beautiful. You deserve it because you fuckin deserve it. No explanation. needed. You matter. That’s it.