Starting with WordPress and Graphic Design

Welcome to this month’s creative tips from the desk of an Editor Chief. I hope you enjoyed last months three. This issues three will be about the wonderful joy of starting with WordPress and Graphic Design DIY. Enjoy.

“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.” – Paula Scher

1. Graphic Designs on Canva. When it comes to creating graphics for your project, the best place to go is They have so many cool templates for different media projects like magazines, album cover’s and even book covers. In the beginning before finding Lucidpress for the magazine, I used Canva for everything in my issues. It’s so much easier and it their stock photos and graphics are only 1 dollar to use on your projects. You just take a cool template and then throw your style on it and you have a professional graphic for your project without spending so much money on programs.

2. Websites on WordPress. When me and WordPress first met, I hated it. It was sooooo complicated and didn’t house everything I needed without a costly plugin but when it comes to a blogger or magazine, WordPress is defiantly the best option. With a nice theme and a little reading of the documentation you can defiantly make a dope site for your blog or magazine on their platform. Now if it’s still not your thing, I also recommend Wix. My personal blog is hosted on Wix. It’s very creative and beginner friendly plus they have some really nice templates. You just pick one and then drag and drop until your creative heart is in loved.

3. Distribution on Issuu. This is specifically for the magazine’s. The best place to distribute your issues online has to be my favorite, Issuu. They are the BEST platform for magazines. Not only is it free to distribute to your readers but their team even helps promotes your issues for free. I won’t go in depth on the features but there are so many good ones.

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